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Laminate Flooring: Do-It-Yourself Best Tips

by admin / Sunday, 21 February 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

Laying laminate flooring is actually quite an easy task, as daunting as it may seem to floor an entire room, laminate flooring’s innate strength is it’s ease of installation, so hopefully Laminate Flooring Kings can help you out with some tips here!

Number one, you’ll need an underlay fitted to your subfloor before your laminate floor can be laid. Wood fibre is probably the thickest kind of underlay to utilize, and certainly the best choice if your surface is uneven and you wish to correct it. Wood fibre also retains heat very well, as well as sound. Polyfibre is also an option, it is the thinnest layer, and perfectly suitable for firm undamaged, dry subfloors, like a normal wooden floor.  Considering your subfloor is a very important part of installing laminate floor if you want it to be correct, if you use thin laminate on an uneven floor the results wont be pretty! Might as well use a wooden base to level it out in that situation.

Number 2, make sure the area is clean, as this is most likely a flooring unit that will last some time, so anything you put under it and don’t clean is under there until it’s pulled up, however long that may be. Definitely be safe and vacuum, possibly clean with light chemicals the floor, always better to be clean!

Number 3, don’t leave your flooring in extreme temperatures and then try to install it, as it will expand or contract with temperature, so let it cool down or warm up before using it if it was subject to any extreme temperature

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