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Types of Laminate Underlayments - Laminate Flooring King

Underlayments for Laminate Wood Flooring @ Laminate Flooring King

Laminate Underlayment Installation

Laminate wood floors require an underlayment to provide additional comfort and noise reduction on all concrete subfloors, even those covered by another flooring material such as vinyl or tile.

Sound and moisture barrier Underlayment

The newest premium underlayment that is quick and easy to install, provides maximum walking comfort and significantly reduces impact sound. One roll covers 100 square feet. We have in stock 1,000,000 sq. ft. of the best underlayment in the world.

Types of Underlayment for Laminate Floors

The type of underlayment you need will mainly vary according to the nature of the base that the laminate flooring is going to cover. If you have a concrete or mineral based sub-floor - a damp-proof membrane must be spread to act as barrier to moisture. Also, if the laminate floor is to be installed over an under-floor heating system, a damp proof membrane must be fitted. Other types of underlayment can then be added on top of the damp-proof membrane.
A foam underlay is often used to act as a leveler on a sub-floor with minor irregularities. Foam underlay is also effective for impact noise reduction. If you have need a damp proof membrane as well, you can purchase a special 'combination' underlayment, which is a foam that incorporates the damp proof membrane.
There is another ‘combination' underlay available, which combines the damp proof membrane with a sound insulator. The most common underlayment of laminate floors is simply known as ‘Board underlay’. This has all the properties required to reduce noise, make the laminate floor feel comfortable to walk on and provides a layer of insulation between the sub-floor and the laminate.

Prices starting at $0.10 per sq./ft.

2 in 1 Underlayment

Unison 2 in 1 Underlayment is an under-pad to support Laminate and Engineered Wood type floating floors. It provides cushioning and moisture protection. Dimensions: 48" X 25' Roll. Coverage: 100 Sq. Ft.

3 in 1 Underlayment

A 100 square foot roll of premium 3-in-1 underlayment for use under all laminate and engineered floating floors. Harmony provides the moisture barrier, sound reduction and cushioning required for proper installation in a single 3-in-1 product. Unique construction creates a pocket of constantly circulating air which inhibits mold growth. Ideal for condos, basements, and multii-level dwellings. Comes with an 8 inch overlap with an adhesive strip for easy installation. Both tests measure sound transference from an upper level room to a lower level room. The IIC measures sound such as moving furniture and walking, while the STC measures sound such as voices and television. Minimum sound rating required by most building codes and architects is 50. *Compression Test Results In a standardized test using 1,320 lbs. of pressure, Roberts Harmony Underlayment retained 96% of its original thickness after seven days, compared to only 57% by a leading 2-in-1 foam product.

SilentStep Premium Foam

Noise Reduction Laminate Underlay - Most of us have walked on a laminate floating floor and commented on the rather annoying clicking sound that tends to emanate from the traffic. Traditional foam underlay will help to somewhat reduce this noise, but more sophisticated sound control underlayments like Quiet Walk™, Silent Walk™ or SilentStep™ will be much more effective.

Sound bloc™ Underlay Foam Floor Underlayment


    • Type: Installation is the best in the world
    • Name: Soundbloc Foam Underlayment
    • Width: 20''
    • Length: 49.2''
    • 1300 square feet / roll
    • Sound reducing underlayment
    • Can be used with Moisturbloc Film for concrete sub floor applications

Blue, Green, Silver, or White Silent Underlayment


    • Highest sound ratings available in the U.S. IIC 72, STC 73
    • Accurate flexibility that overcomes most sub-floor imperfections.
    • Moisture Proof, closed cell construction. Outstanding thermal &ampsemicolonplace sound insulation
    • Designed for optimal joint stability and foot comfort.