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The benefits of choosing laminate flooring are many but why choose laminate flooring for your home? Find out! Laminate flooring is a really amazing innovation in the world of flooring and infrastructure, as, unlike it’s counterparts in marble, hardwood, or carpet, laminate floor does NOT fade in sunlight and is highly resistant to staining, scratching,

Laying laminate flooring is actually quite an easy task, as daunting as it may seem to floor an entire room, laminate flooring’s innate strength is it’s ease of installation, so hopefully Laminate Flooring Kings can help you out with some tips here! Number one, you’ll need an underlay fitted to your subfloor before your laminate

Laminate Floor Care Guide for Homeowners

Sunday, 21 February 2016 by

Laminate floors are great for many things, but one of the most beneficial aspects of them are how clean things can stay! They do not harbor bacteria, mold, or dust like traditional floor surfaces. However,they do need some maintenance and love just like every other aspect of your home, once in awhile, and here’s a

Laminate flooring is a huge convenience and time-saver, which is an amazing thing! But as with many things, this can be a double edged sword if you’re not careful. There are things that can go wrong when installing laminate flooring DIY, and you should do your best to avoid them. Firstly make sure the planks

At Flooring King, we provide premium laminate flooring installation services and quality laminate floor products. Our team is here to help you with your project and whatever level of assistance you may be seeking for your home or business building improvement. We are prepared to help you out with not only getting set-up and installed,

All of the laminate flooring available for our customers at Flooring King have an exclusive surface for durable wear that protect you against awful things like scratches, spills, scrapes, stains, and even fading over time or acute circumstance. No matter what type of flooring you do have installed, including all of our laminate flooring, this

We will be one of the first to admit – laminate floors have a beautiful luster to them. To keep this shine and sheen intact and maintained over time, we’ll help you to make the correct steps to do so. Whether your laminate floor is fairly new or more aged, if it does seem to